Alumni - what some of our past students say


"It is only since leaving Beaumont School that I have come to fully appreciate it. Looking back on my time there I realise how much it shaped my future ambitions. The fantastic teaching supplied me with both an enjoyment of my subject and a desire to learn more, both of which have become invaluable since leaving Beaumont.

The ability to make topics like molecular bonding or the Nitrogen Cycle interesting is arguably the most important quality in a teacher and I consider myself lucky to have gone to a school where so many there have this. The support the school provides to all its students is, I am sure, instrumental in their future success, just as it was with mine. From beginning to end, Beaumont has undoubtedly been essential in helping me achieve my ambitions; whether in Year 7 that ambition was to attain 150 credits or in Year 13 to write a Personal Statement for university applications, I have felt the school's support throughout.

And now, as I am about to start my third year studying Medicine at the University of Nottingham, I can safely say I owe Beaumont a huge thank you for my years there!"



"Beaumont is a place of opportunity: a school where you are given the chance to be the best you can be. Regardless of whether your strengths lie in maths, languages or photography, Beaumont teaches you that everybody has a right to be ambitious. And, importantly, it provides you with the skills and the confidence to articulate that ambition.

Since leaving Beaumont, I have thrown myself into exploring the world around me: first with a Geography degree at Oxford University and then a Masters in Polar Studies (yes, penguins) at Cambridge University. I am now starting a PhD investigating the effects of climate change on desert ecosystems in southern Africa, which may lead to a career in academia or policy. Along the way, I've been lucky enough to travel and carry out fieldwork in places like Oman, Zimbabwe, Iceland and the Caucasus. However, without my teachers at Beaumont encouraging me to aim high, none of this would have been in my sights.

Ultimately, Beaumont's greatest strength lies in the way it invests in each and every one of us that have had our names called out from its registers. Beaumont's Latin motto - 'plus ibi boni mores' - emphasises that this is an institution of strong morality that instils the very best habits in its students. Every day, looking up at that crest above the main entrance, Beaumontians are reminded that if you work hard, you will achieve."