Meet the Year 7 Team

Mr. Tolley 7L

I am the Head of PE at Beaumont and I am very excited to meet our new Year 7 students. I have been teaching for thirteen years and was Head of PE at my two previous schools. Having had previous experience as a Year 7 tutor at Beaumont and my previous schools, I am really looking forward to getting to know the wonderfully different personalities within the class and assisting you in having an enjoyable and memorable start to your careers at Beaumont. As a PE Teacher, I do have a competitive side and hope we have a successful Sports Day in the Summer Term and "clean up" in the House competitions!

I like:   Sport, sport and more sport!  Especially my favourite football team - Watford FC.

I dislike:  White chocolate.

Miss Ashton 7A

As well as being a Year 7 tutor, I'm a French and German teacher and next year I'll be Head of French! This will be my third year as a Year 7 tutor, and my favourite thing about Year 7 is seeing students go from being a bit scared and nervous about starting Beaumont, to getting really involved in clubs and activities and becoming a real part of the school life. I really like going to the beach, and absolutely hate birds since one attacked me a few years ago!

Miss Dundjerovic

As a ex-student of Beaumont, I have a long association with the school and am delighted to be your Head of Year for September. I teach Business & Economics and PE and I am very passionate about every student fulfilling their potential and involving themselves fully in school life.

I love sport, particularly Athletics and Netball as well as stationery. I dislike the sound of tap shoes on concrete. 

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Mr. Guinane 7N

I am the Head of Music at Beaumont School. I play the guitar, and since being at Beaumont I have started learning the double bass and trombone. I love coffee, cartoons and jazz, and I dislike mushrooms. I have been a Year 7 Form Tutor for seven years; I love this job as it allows me to help students with any problems they have as they begin a new school. I also like to think I help students make the most of the amazing opportunities available to them at Beaumont.

Miss Kent 7S

I teach Geography and Sociology here at Beaumont and as well as getting to teach two humanities subjects, I also have the awesome job of being Head of the Geography department - something I am very proud to be able to do. 

I've been a Year 7 form tutor for five years now and I absolutely love meeting the new students as they come from Year 6 to Beaumont School. Helping students to make the transition from primary to secondary and seeing them enjoy secondary school and all opportunities it brings for them is a very rewarding job. I love to travel and see new places. I don't like rainy days which is why it is lovely living in St Albans as there are not many rainy days here, compared to lots of rainy days in Glasgow where I grew up and went to school.

Miss Shepherd 7E

I am the Head of Drama and Lead Practitioner. This is the second year that I will have been a Year 7 form tutor. I love teaching at Beaumont and think supporting students in their transition to secondary school is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. Also, Year 7s are some of the only people in the school as short as me (and that doesn't last long).

Miss Janoskova 7R

Known as 'Miss J' to prevent spelling disasters, I teach English and also a bit of German. This will be my fourth year as a Year 7 tutor at Beaumont and I cannot wait to meet my lovely tutees. Being a Year 7 form tutor is possibly the best job in the world because my tutees have a cracking sense of humour, random stories to share and are always ready to work together as a team. I love crazy shoes. You can spend your first year at Beaumont counting how many different pairs of shoes I own. The only thing that I detest is mint choc chip ice cream.

Miss May (not pictured)

I am Head of Art and Photography. I have really enjoyed teaching Year 7 Art since being at Beaumont. We also run a very popular Art Club which many Year 7s attend. I have been part of the Year 7 team for the first time this year and have really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to meeting all of the new Year 7s and helping them settle into Beaumont in their transition from primary school to secondary school. I like swimming, running and creating my own Artwork. I have sold my own range of greeting cards in a number of shops. I dislike long car journeys and being on boats in rough waters as I get really travel sick.