Home School Partnership

Home School Partnership

Students are very proud of their school  -  OFSTED 2014

At Beaumont School we believe that all students should be able to:

  • learn to the best of their ability, and
  • develop to their fullest potential as well-rounded, co-operating and contributing members of school and society,

when school and home work together to enable and encourage them to achieve these aims.

Throughout their school career we seek to ensure that we keep parents (and carers) well informed on all relevant matters concerning their child, and encourage them to support their child to the best of their capability. Similarly, we encourage parents to advise the school of any concerns they may have with regard to their child or his/her progress at school, so that all parties can work together to resolve any issues as necessary.

The details of this reciprocal relationship between the school, students and parents are set out in our Home School Agreement to which all students and their parents are asked to commit on entry to the school.

The school aims to give parents a regular flow of information about their child’s progress. In Years 7-11 parents receive a termly written report which in the Autumn and Spring terms are ‘snapshot’ reports indicating how the student is performing at that stage of the year. In the Summer term, parents receive a full report detailing their child’s progress and attainment in all subjects, as well as a record of punctuality and attendance. In the Sixth form parents receive two reports a year. Parents are also invited once a year to a Consultation Evening where they can speak by appointment to their child’s subject teachers and Form Tutor. Contact will, in addition, be made should there be any issues of concern which require more immediate action.

Parents should address any concerns they may have in the first instance to their child’s Form Tutor. Further details are available in the Staff section of this site.

Parents are invited to ‘information evenings’ which address of various aspects of the school’s work and curriculum, where information can be disseminated and any issues raised can be discussed. Typical subjects might include forthcoming educational trips abroad, work experience, how the school delivers drugs or sex education, revision techniques and school policies.

Keeping parents up to date also involves a number of letters and messages being sent home over the course of the school year. We subscribe to a system of text and email communication with parents in order to enable fast, efficient, economic, and environmentally friendly passing of information. For further details, click here.

The school receives feedback from parents in a variety of ways including surveys conducted at Consultation Evenings.